Lose Fear and Worry by Finding Your Voice

by Dr. R.E. Freedman

I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

– Lily Tomlin

Life can be difficult within your own personal problems combined with world catastrophes. Between family, friends, work and the fear of war, plagues, terrorism and the like, one has a pretty full plate when it comes to worry and fear.

There are many things in life we have full control over and this is where we begin. Problem solving can instantly work when applied to workable situations. Beyond that we may often feel helpless but there are things one can do to release these fears and let go of the feeling of victimization.

As the Lily Tomlin quote says, “I always wondered why somebody doesn’t do something about that. then I realized I was somebody.” You are that somebody as long as you have a voice. This is your opportunity to find your voice and use it to stand up for the things you believe in. You are that somebody who, with your voice, has the chance to change things. Give up feeling victimized and speak out for yourself and for others who feel the same way. Trust that you know what is right and become the individual who is heard, in favor of change for the better.

You will marvel at how good you begin to feel as the fear and worry is replaced by action and strength. Using your voice will enable you to break out of the waiting room and into the game of life. Expressing oneself feels wonderful, especially if you are stating the truth, facts and your firm beliefs. It’s freeing and will turn fears into power.

If you find yourself obsessing or fearfully worrying about the things that frighten you and you want to find your voice but don’t know where to begin, try the following to calm your mind and body:

(1) Get Physical: It’s not so easy to worry and think fearfully over something when you’ve been running for 30 minutes.

(2) Get Busy: Find an interest that means something to you and lose yourself in it. Time flies when we are fully engaged in a project or interest.

(3) Volunteer: Make sure it’s a cause you genuinely care about and can throw yourself into it full force.

(4) Leave your fear behind when you decide to speak your mind and express yourself fully to friends and family.

(5) Journal: Write down your thoughts, feelings and opinions every day. Sort out your feelings, fears and worries on paper. When you are through, think of solutions and write them down.

Become a problem solver and your voice will grow stronger. When you know what is frightening you and you have a belief system that you know could alleviate the problems, voice your beliefs.

Practice leaving fear behind. Use your voice frequently and know that the more you use it the easier it becomes. Stand up for your beliefs and your fears will diminish.

(8) Meditate by slowing down, breathing and locating tension in the body. Breathe in slowly and deeply, hold a few moments and with your exhalation release all the burdens you have been carrying on your shoulders all day. Feel the relief as your body loosens and the heaviness melts away.

By using your voice you will gain confidence and self respect. You will make a difference. Every voice counts and adds up in the end.

Never be victimized by fear when your one path out is through voicing your opinions, views and beliefs.

Don’t fear debating your beliefs either. Toughen up and don’t back down. Your opinions are worthwhile and should not be overlooked.

On your path to finding your voice you will also find the stronger side of yourself. You might be very pleasantly surprised to find a strong sense of well being and peace replaces your fears and worries, once you begin participating in the game of life again by learning to find and use your voice.

Remember, the someone who has the ability to do something, is you. It always has been. Now’s the time to find your voice and use it. You’ll find out that doing something can alleviate your worries and actually result in positive change. It only takes one voice, let it be yours.

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