Depersonalization Caused by Marijuana Smoking and Marijuana Edibles

by Dr. R.E. Freedman

Depersonalization Caused by Marijuana Smoking and Marijuana Edibles

by Dr. R. E. Freedman

In recent times, a marijuana experience has become very different than the one might have had after smoking or ingesting marijuana in the past. This is because the amount of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects, is much higher today than in the past. It has recently risen from less than 1% – 4% in the 1990s, to nearly 13% today. Many times it reaches higher than 37% in many marijuana substances. This is quite a jump in potency and unexpected for many who are unaware of this fact.

The result for many is greater degrees of adverse reactions for longer periods of time. Individuals, especially those not used to inhaling or ingesting a substance of this potency may often experience the following reactions:

Adverse Reactions
– Disorientation
– Anxiety
– Panic
– Confusion
– Racing Mind
– Cotton Mouth (dry mouth)
– Thirst
– Racing Heart
– Depersonalization (feelings of unreality)

The problem with edible marijuana in particular is that it takes longer to work (30 minutes or more) but may last up to 8-10 hours at a time. This is quite different than the instant 3- 10 minute smoking high which lasts for a much shorter period of time. Impatient individuals often ingest too much of the edibles at one time, not understanding that it takes longer to experience the effects, much longer than smoking marijuana. Effects may be more pronounced from ingesting too much of the substance as well (dosages are not always regulated), leaving the individual feeling panicky with the realization of how much they consumed and that the effects often last up to 8-10 hours.

It is important for the individual to do the following if experiencing any distress:

Hydrate – Drink plenty of water and then drink some more.
Eat Food.
Breathe through the anxiety and remain as calm as possible
Learn the steps to overcome anxiety and continue using them
Remind yourself that this is basically a safe substance and it is merely a matter of time until symptoms subside.
Depersonalization will require a specific process to interrupt the symptoms.

It’s important to remember that the THC in marijuana after ingested (eaten) rather than smoked is broken down in the liver (metabilized) into a new compound that is quite a bit more psychedelic and lasts longer than regular THC. This is why many experience a stronger, “tripping” type experience after ingesting too much marijuana this way. It’s important to find out the dosage in an edible before ingesting rather than after.

It is also imperative to learn how edibles in particular interact with other medications and foods. This is not the marijuana of yesteryear and if taken in too large a dosage, one risks a strong and uncomfortable reaction, much more of a psychedelic nature than smoking.

Depersonalization and/or Anxiety Reactions

If you find that you are still experiencing feelings of anxiety and/or depersonalization 24 hours or more after using marijuana, do not panic. Some individuals are naturally more reactive to outside stimuli than others. It is indicative of a strong impression related to the mild trauma of this experience. The marijuana is out of your system but may leave you with a strong imprint of the event. This impression is not difficult to overcome when approached correctly. You have not damaged yourself or are going crazy. Your mind is still transitioning from the experience and memory often plays a strong part in this transition. The more upset and worried you become, the more prolonged and pronounced the experience.

This new and more powerful strain of marijuana is not for everyone. If you are highly reactive to outside stimuli, such as caffeine, nicotine, medications, alcohol or marijuana in the past, then you might experience a stronger reaction to smoking the marijuana of today, and definitely a stronger reaction to the edibles, as dosages are often unregulated and higher than one might expect.

Learning how to use these substances correctly along with knowing yourself is the key to maintaining a calm and less reactive mind and body.

Depersonalization accompanied by strong symptoms of anxiety is often experienced after a bad encounter with marijuana. It is upsetting, frustrating and often lingers if not approached correctly. It is not difficult to overcome but it is essential that one understands exactly what has occurred and how to interrupt the symptoms effectively.

Knowledge really is power and by learning all one can before experimenting with these substances is imperative in maintaining a peaceful state of mind without the interruption of intrusive symptoms to both mind and body.

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