Adrenal Fatigue Quiz

by Dr. R.E. Freedman

Adrenal Fatigue

Those who struggle with anxiety often state they feel fatigued or depleted. They feel flat, exhausted, foggy and lightheaded. Feelings of depersonalization often appear as one becomes frustrated and caught up in the cycle of worry and fear.

There is a logical explanation for these sensations and also a natural treatment to overcome the exhausted and unreal state one is now experiencing.

Those who struggle with anxiety often state they feel fatigued or depleted. They also struggle with feelings of unreality and brain fog. This drained sensation is caused by the combination of:

1 – Constant release of adrenaline, in response to the habit of fearful thinking.
2 – A significant decrease in serotonin due to continuous stressful thought, worry and poor diet/nutrition.

Adrenal Fatigue Quiz

– Are you experiencing feelings of tiredness and fatigue, even after a good night’s sleep?

– Are mornings especially difficult for you and yet evenings are not quite as bad?

– Have you noticed a difficulty or inability to concentrate for long periods of time?

– Are you struggling with insomnia or anxious tension during the night?

– Do you feel tired, anxious or fuzzy after carbohydrates (cakes, sweets, breads)?

– Do you often feel wired and tired at the same time?

– Are you experiencing more episodes of irritability?

– Do you often feel emotionally flat?

– Is there a struggle to focus on things you used to find interesting?

– Do you often experience episodes of lightheadedness or dizziness?

– Do you often experience Brain Fog: Feelings of unreality and Depersonalization?

– Are you more anxious than usual and can’t seem to shake it?

– Do you often feel depressed or unmotivated?

– Do you find you are much more reactive (anxiety) to sugar and sugary foods?

– Have you noticed appetite changes such as lack of appetite or cravings?

– Do you find your energy levels are greater in evening hours?

If you have answered yes to 4 or more of these questions you might be experiencing stress related adrenal fatigue. Check out our Adrenal Fatigue CD which is included as part of our Anxiety Busters Program and Depersonalization Recovery Program.

For a complimentary telephone evaluation concerning anxiety or adrenal fatigue, call our office at 215-635-4700, between the hours of 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM (EST) 7 Days a Week.

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